The Amazon Queen and Samson

The World is conducting religious war. It is time to release the Shekinah from Santa Rosa Island where I put Her for PROTECTION. Mund means “protection”. ROSA MUND

Rosamond Press



The Kurdish women fighters are being compared to the Amazons. As I type CNN is discussing ways to defeat ISIS. The only group that has done so, is the Kurdish women fighters that I have allied my spiritual being with in the last six months. I have hesitated allying my connection with the Knights Templar with these fighters, for they were Christians. However, I believe Jesus was a Nazarite like his cousin John, and thus both men are allied with Samson, who is compared to Hercules, who tries to capture the girdle of Hippolyta, the Amazon Queen, who can be compared to Delilah, who can be compared to Rena Easton, who wanted to know the secret of my strength, and who two years ago sent the Philistines after me. That her redneck cowboy, ex-husband raised cattle, fits!

I placed the Shekinah on Santa Rosa Island that can be…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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