Allow Seers to Search the Sky

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angelcon4A week ago I discussed my prophecy with Chris Wandel about a comet doing damage, she saying I was loud and clear two weeks ago about what I saw coming. I told her of my dream about the Oakland fire, and Dream Time, seen in the movie ‘The Last Wave’. I suggested our government found a bureau of Seers and Prophets, fund and house us in a pleasant vortex, it our sole job to see the next asteroid coming.

Of course, if we can’t do anything about it – mums the word! We don’t want folks to panic longer then they have to. Two seconds of panic is – long enough. Runs on banks can get real ugly.

Here is an article about $20 million dollars being spent to see it coming. What is their success ratio? What is mine? should I author a grant proposal? After all, I found…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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