Clarke Toleman Hambley

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Virginia’s father should be remembered by history as ‘The Man Who Asked The Great Unanswered Question’.

“Think, for a moment what one billion dollars a month could mean to ‘The Great Society’ program if we made an all out war against poverty – or spent half that amount for education of deprived groups in this country.”

Clarke got an answer from Dixon Donelley who says our Democracy is about ‘Nation Building’ making sure poor non-citizens do well in the world, and, this is the way to defeat Communist aggression. So much for the word “Think”, the lack there of leading Bush to invade Iraq in order to bring foreigners……..”God’s Gift of Liberty”.

After the Iron Curtain was toppled ‘The War Against The Evil American Poor’ began in earnest. They are being punished for being loyal to the party and ideals of FDR. The Democrats turned on King Jesus, Rich King of the Red State neo-Confederates. America’s Poor are being compared to ISIS, those ungrateful bastards who rejected Bush two trillion dollar gift. Now, here come Trump’s promise to build a trillion dollar wall to keep those poor selfish Mexicans out of America. Clarke owned a big brain that was forced to retire from reality, from the truth, because…….America’s Leaders – are insane! I feel for him. I honor him, because he had to guts to write his famous letter.

Clarke loved to sail. It appears he built a sailboat. He was an artist who worked on Madison Ave. He sent his three daughters flowers every Sunday. I put Virginia on the train to be with her father in Los Angeles, he wanting to take in the Art Museums, including the Getty. After taking Virginia to her state room, I had to jump off the moving train. Bonding with Clarke’s youngest daughter, has been a real adventure I will forever cherish.

Jon Presco

Virginia Muriel Hambley was born February 3, 1963 in New York City to: Elisabeth Ann de GHAISNE de BOURMONT, and Clarke Toleman HAMBLEY. Elizabeth’s parents are: Mary Agnès CRAVEN and Joseph de GHAISNE de BOURMONT.



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