Stuttmeister-Janke Wedding at Ralston Hall

My father’s ancestors were Oddfellows.

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This morning I opened an email from my kin, Murray Oltman, and read the proof of what I have been saying for over ten years, being, Augusta Stuttmeister, the beloved wife of William Oltman Stuttmeister, is kin to Carl Arugusta Janke the co-founder, if not sole founder of the City of Belmont California.

William August Janke, native of Hamburg, Germany, born Dec. 25, 1842, died Nov. 22, 1902, son of Carl August & Dorette Catherine Janke.

Carl Janke came to San Francisco in 1848, one year before the Gold Rush. According to an article in the DAR, he brought six portable houses around the Cape and erected them in Belmont for gold miners who had struck it rich. As fate would have it, William Ralston ‘The Man Who Built San Francisco’ and his partner, lived in Belmont in a house that still stands, called Ralston Hall. I believe this is…

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