The Army 7

Pope Francis has called for the formation of a Army to make war on ISIS. I will lead this war that will begin on the World Wide Web that was founded by Hippies. This battle will go beyond playing a mind game, but, take God’s Champions to the Heaven of Truth.

Note the energy around me. When my father rushed at me to hurt me, he got three feet away from me, and this energy twisted him around 360 degrees in his track. He looked at me in amazement.

“I didn’t lay and hand on you!”

Afraid, he ran to his desk, opened a drawer, and reached for his gun. I shouted at him;

“Grow up!” and he could not move.




I AM…………going to war!

Rosamond Press


mara4When Robert had me throw the I Ching, I threw hexagram 7 ‘The Army’. He read this as I continued to talk. He did not know I saw many armies come out of the sea just before I died. I was victorious over all of them. There was no need for a strong leader, or powerful general. The task now at hand, was to melt down the weapons and return the people to peace. To have peace, everyone should feel they are not powerless, and indeed, own access to the Truth. My return journey, had begun. I was going home to my farm and look for my wife to be. There was nothing more to do, nor more victory to be had.

When Rena Easton came out of that dark doorway, I could have seen her as my temptress. I asked the sea for a reward, and thus she appeared…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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