Witherspoon Peerage

I went with Dottie Witherspoon to Meher Baba’s ashram. Baba claimed he had spiritual contact with Saint Francis.

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breck44Kate Middleton Windsor is due to have a child any day. Kate is my kindred several ways. Here is the Preston Witherspoon Breckenridge line. John Breckenridge was a Vice President and Confederate Leader. The battle for my heritage between Sweene and Doctor Anthoney Hodges has been won. Every Confederate Dog has their day.

Above are paintings of Louise and Flora Fermor-Hesketh by Leopoldo Galeota Russo. Flora was married in Belmont in one of the houses that my great grandfather brought around the Cape in 1848.

Demonstrators in Texas are protesting an abortion law signed by Rick Perry who is preparing to run for President on the neo-Confederate Culture ticket. The South has risen – again! Some historians believe Britain backed the South.

Dottie Witherspoon had Blondish red hair and many freckles. These are typical traits of the Scottish people. She descends from John Knox who married a Stuart, the kindred…

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