It Was The Season For Figs

In the last half hour I have been doing a Langston scene. I read there could be no eclipse at the time of Jesus; death, because a full moon happens on Passover. However, the new moon happens on Shavout, when Jews read from the Book of Ruth on the Mount of Olives. Jesus cursed the fig tree wen coming down from the Mount of Olives where he bid his disciples not to fall asleep as he read the book of his ancestors in his family tree. As fate would have it, the first rainbow marks the Shavout. Need I say I looked forward to working with Erin Sullivan, who wounded me. “In Jub. 6:15-22 and 44:1-5, the holiday is traced to the appearance of the first rainbow on the 15th of Sivan, the day on which God made his covenant with Noah.”

Rosamond Press

In 2009 I posted the following solution as to why Jesus cursed the fig tree. I am the only person who has solved this riddle, and the riddle of what Jesus wrote in the dust. Because the parasites who lay their eggs of evil in the True Teaching of Jesus – have failed to come up with an answer – I demand that all church properties snd monies be turned over to me, immediately, so I can distribute these ill gotten gains to the rightful heirs of God’s Kingdom – come!

“The meek shall inherit the earth!”

The symbol for New Kingdom will be the fig tree!

Jon the Nazarite

The Savior of the Jubilee has Risen

On the aniversary on Martin Luther Kings ‘I have a Dream’ speech, the Spirit of
the Jubilee Jesus has risen! Barack Obama will be the first Black Candidate for
the office of President…

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