The Voice of the Mountain

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This morning I went in search of Roy Reuben Rosamond’s story about Calvin and Nell that takes place in Montana. I am blown away.

“The sun climbed toward the zenith, up over the colossal Beartooth Mountain!”

It is high noon in Bozeman. Andre Artaud and Vincent Van Gough have gotten off the train so they can be witness to the Greatest Artistic Destiny in Creative History. The Ghosts of Creations Past all want to meet her, they summoned by the spirit of my grandfather – I never lay eyes on – to come behold her, Rena Destina, the cowgirl of our dreams. Destiny rides again!

It appears Rena was married to Rob Burda an architect for Beartooth builders! WHAT!!!! Rob built the house where in back is parked the White Ford Pickup, the Ghost Truck of Dreams Past. In Roy’s story ‘The Voice of the Mountain’ he talks about newly…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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