Pan’s Labyrinth

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Last night I saw Pan’s Labyrinth at Tom’s film class located in the old Register Guard building in Eugene. Tom was a minor director in Hollywood and only charges $15 dollars a session. I have been going to see Tom’s films for about ten years. Each time I do, I find it increasingly hard to share because I know too much, and am able to see the Wizard of Oz clearly behind the curtain in minute detail.

Tom begins his class with a lecture that says the same thing i.e. the movie defies JUST ONE definition, so don’t try to button hole it. Everyone’s impressions are valid.

Tom said Pan’s Labyrinth is based upon fairytale, but, don’t focus on fairy tales, because, that will bog down your mind – and the Liberal Alternative Group Grope of Faith! However, the creator of this film said he took notes for twenty years!…

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