Remembering My Ex-Brother-In-Laws

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Greg 1975 Shamus & ShannonChristine 1985 Garth & DrewChristine 1977 2

Vicki 1970 Christine & Michael Dundon (back) 1

Vicki 1972 Jim & Shamus

Christine 1967 Larry & Raphaele



Greg 1975  Ken, Vicki & Christine

I’ve had five brother-in-laws, and, did not get along with any of them. The person whom I felt was my real brother-in-law, was Michael Dundon, because he was in love with my late sister. Michael treated me like family – to this very day. Yesterday I attended the Dundon Family reunion at Jamie Dundon’s home where I made my ribs.

The other connection I have with Michael is that he went to Uni High as did Larry, Christine, Raphael, Vicki, Pip, Marilyn, Jeff, Bryan, and myself.

Larry and Bryan were surfers. Christine’s first LA boyfriend, Chuck, hung around at Elvis Presley’s house. Bryan was a friend of Ryan O’Neal who also went to Uni. We were living the LA Scene, doing the stuff you see in old beach movies.

When Bryan was dating Christine, he approached me one evening and had what you might call a brother-in-law talk. He told…

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