The MacDowell-Stewart Knox-Witherspoon Line

Here are false prophets employing my kindred’s history in their evil racist rant. They claim Jesus came to them in a dream and gave them dreams where blood is coming out of people’s eyes, and wherever. My friends thought I was insane when I told them this day was coming, and when I cast these demons out of the Republican party founded by my kindred who were abolitionists. “Later, Jacobs proclaimed that America will experience a “conservative revolt” and reported that her prophecy was supported by a dream that her fellow prophet James Goll recently had in which God told him that “the war between the states has begun.” “The word that I issued,” Jacobs reported, “was that there would come a time when states would threaten to secede from the union” due to the persecution of Christians and attacks on religious freedom, all of which was supported by Goll’s dream in which he saw soldiers engaged in a second Civil War between the “sheep states” and the “goat states.” “This is not us saying this kind of thing,” Jacobs insisted, “you read the Word of God and it talks about this … It’s not anything we’re saying, it’s just all through the Word of God.” – See more at:

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Everything has changed and is now making sense. Above is a photograph of Dorothea Witherspoon and myself taken in 1971. We have just flown from Columbia South Carolina to Los Angeles. I wanted Dottie to meet my mother. We talked about getting married. I had just met about twenty members of the Witherspoon family, down South, a place I swore I would never go. However, Meher Baba’s first home in America is in South Carolina, and I wanted to see where the Avatar walked the earth. I praise the vote in this state to remove the Confederate flag. For years I have called for this, followed by “Repent!”

As it turns out Dottie and I are kin to the Stewarts and thus the Windsors. When Christine Rosamond Benton married Garth Benton, and begat Drew Benton, we became kin to the MacDowell family. Uchtred MacDowall of Garthland married Margaret Stewart, Lady Ochiltree.

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