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Marilyn turned me onto Ravi Shankar. We would make-out to Sitar music in 1963. Marilyn would later turn Jeff Pasternak on Yogananda who I followed for a while before I became a Baba Lover. Jeff and I have gone to temple together. I saw Krishnamurti in person as did not grandmother when he first came to America. She used to hang out with Bisset when she lived in Ojai. Above is a photo of Marilyn taken by Jeff on a boat to France. This is a Bollywood script.

Bryan’s parents were in the Hollywood crowd. His father was a good friend of Robert Stack who had an affair with Liz Taylor. Bryan learned to swim in her pool, and dated Liza Minneli. They sang show tunes together on the piano at their parents parties.

While living in our tent, I gave Rena lessons on the Indian religion and Baba. Then…

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