Why Didn’t Vicki and Mark Contribute?

Vicki 1978 Vicgregpres2

When I asked Mark Presco why he didn’t contribute to Tom Snyder’s biography of our late sister, he said;

“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her.”

Am I mistaken? Is this a line out of Chandler’s ‘Farewell My Lovey’ ?


Mark insisted I sign that Exclusive Rights contract that Tom Snyder sent me that would forbid me to finish my autobiography about the family artists I began in 1992, two years before Rosamond drowned. Why was Mark allowed to read Snyder’s rough draft? Vicki read Julie Lynch’s rough draft. I asked Mark why he didn’t object to Snyder saying Vicki tried to “staunch the flow” after the funeral, where unnamed family members looted Christine’s house? He knew this did not happen because he came from his hotel room to check on us now and then, to see how things were going. Beside, our ex-brother-in-law had his spy there whom I caught eavesdropping.

“Garth wanted him here to keep us from stealing!” says Lil Vicki, Victor’s favorite child.

Just like that, the two brothers of a world famous artist will not be telling their story, will not be spilling the beans. There is very little firsthand testimony from Vicki. Why? Drew Benton says nothing, while her father is very chatty. He makes a strong case Christine Rosamond Benton is insane – and violent! There is a report to child services. I am made out to be insane and dangerous later on after I became suspicious why Vicki would not give me the names of the people who owned the house at Rocky Point! Why didn’t they want to be in ‘The Story of Rosamond’? Had they leant Christine a large sum of money.

A hand picks up the phone. The person on the other end hears the crashing waves.

“She accepted my invitation. The parties on.”

Do you see a pattern? Garth can not find anything nice to say about Christine, either. How about the artist’s mother? Surely a million women want to read about Rosemary, get her point of view, even if it is not a nice one. Nothing! Why shut me up – and say nothing? But, yet, they publish two Tell All books written by two ghost writers! What? They want Tell All books out there so when Real Tell All books manage to emerge from the foggy bog, the authors will find the market – all dried up! And there go everyone to see the Blockbuster Tell All Movie of all time……….’The Silence of the Rose’.

I almost agreed to help the first ghost writer launch his barge of lies,  because I believe my book on the Knights Templar and ‘The Rose Line’ I discovered in my family, was more important. Dan Brown and his wife was eavesdropping on several yahoogroups I belonged to. The Rosamond genealogy was turning out to be extremely relevant. The Da Vinci Code would not come out until three years later.

Then, my sixteen year old daughter came into my life. When I told her and her mother there was a fight over the Rosamond Story, they perceived my siblings, along with Stacey Peirrot, were making gobs of money, and they best get with them, get in their biography so the Stage Mothers can fulfill her dream of making Heather a money-making star. Heather is not an artist. She sings, but never entered, thus won, a singing contest. Her family bid her to – GET NEAR THE MONEY – which meant getting away from me, the poor surviving artist of the family. Heather and her mother contribute nothing to Tom Snyder’s Tell All book, because they never met Christine. There was nothing for them to tell.

So, they came out with another Tell All book, they were sure a producer would want to make a Tell All movie from, but, Julie Lynch borrows from Christina Crawford’s Tell All book, ‘Mommy Dearest’. Mark Presco was overjoyed. Mission accomplished!

When I found out my daughter betrayed me, Vicki got mad at her son for telling me Heather had bonded with him and my surviving sister. Gone was the miracle in my story that Heather had no faith in. Her need to get hold of some serious money, blinded her. She was seventeen. Mark and Vicki tempted a minor in order to sabotage my book that would have  given new life to Rosamond’s fame – as the executor ordered! Patrice Hanson, and her sister, Linda Comstock, also encouraged Heather ‘THE MINOR’ to get away from the crazy loser. Was Garth Benton aware of what was going on?

If my autobiography was published, it would have contributed to the efforts of the executor, Sydney Morris, who wrote this……. “aggressive marketing efforts were made in an attempt to stir interest in Decedent’s work and increase the potential market for her work.”

The sale of Rosamond Women was waning – before Christine was “killed” by that rogue wave. This is why Rosamond wrote a 276 page autobiography – that was disappeared! Why? Surely Christine had plenty of nice things to say about herself, even though Mark couldn’t come up with anything. Vicki showed me the rough draft of the manual a world-famous artist authored, much of it in her own hand. Vicki had put pieces of paper in this work, and allowed me to read the un-nice things our sister wrote about me. Years later would I realize Rosamond could not think of anything nice to say about Mark and Vicki, too. How about her business people who brought her to BANKRUPTCY?

Shannon Rosamond told me Christine had fired Jacci Belford, who brought her good friend Stacey Pierrot on board. Jacci was the manager of the gallery for many years. Mike McCurdy was the manger when Christine was “killed”. A month after their Star was dead, Belford called me and told me she made an offer to purchase the entire estate and pay off the creditors. Rosemary told me there was talk about a movie. The proceeds of a movie and or a book, would not go to my two nieces. They would go to Belford – and her secret backers. Do you think Vicki and Mark, the non-artists, were behind Belford’s proposal? Did they more than bless her desire to make a BUNDLE OF MONEY? Did they want to be cut in on the deal – but as silent partners lest the adult Heir get suspicious?

When MY MIRACLE showed up out of the blue, the Movie People conspired to get my minor daughter in their camp. This is CHILD ABUSE. My family wanted me to have NOTHING, even my mother. Why? My first autobiography ‘Bonds With Angels’ was going to be a Sober Novel. In it I talked about the extreme abuse the Presco Children suffered by the hands of their violent and alcoholic parents who sexually abused us. I sent long letters to my siblings. Rosemary got a copy. Rosemary knew all the  juicy stuff, and hated Shannon, because she had juicy tales to tell, too. Why didn’t Shannon Rosamond contribute to the two Tell All books – or write her own Tell All book – and thus generated more sales?

Christine was “killed” on her first sober birthday. Her autobiography was a Sober Novel. She too was writing about the extreme abuse. She was naming the sexual predators in the family. Shannon, the adult heir, was naming males in the family that seduce her. I was not on the list. How about Mark?

Vicki asked me to come live in Christine’s house and keep Shannon from stealing. Vicki was named the No.1 executor, and Jacci No.2. There was a more recent will. I suspect they got an old will from someone I can not name.  The Benton’s had just gone through a terrible divorce. Garth demonized his ex-wife – at will in Snyder’s book. Christine is blamed for the Bankruptcy. Everyone is given a SECOND CHANCE to make a killing off this world-famous artist – who would have protested if she was alive! Well, she did protest, in her own words, that remain hidden, locked up in a dark closet. I have not seen my daughter of grandson in four years. I blame my Dark Brother. He orchestrated the cover-up. I wonder if he hired Sydney Morris.

In 1959, Mark talked Christine into taking all her clothes off and parading in front of him and his friend who were a year older that me. I had just turned thirteen. Christine was twelve. When I objected he called me a prude. We saw Christine naked.

When Mark called me to inform me our father had raped Shannon, he told me not to be be such a prude when I expressed shock.

“I’ve considered becoming a pedophile myself!”

Mark then told me Christine was BLACKMAILING Vic in order to get money out of him to pay for Shannon’s therapy. Sydney Morris says Christine was living off loans from family and friends just before she was “killed”. When I called Christine about this rape, she said;

“Stay out of it!”

Shades of Philip Marlow.

They made a big mistake going after my minor daughter! She was totally innocent. She never knew Christine, never met any members of her family. They got her dirty! I told my daughter to stay away from them. Her mother and aunt convinced my daughter I did not want Heather to have any money. I wanted her to stay clear of the Family Bag of Candy. I wanted my daughter to get behind my book about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their alleged bloodline.

Above is a photo of me – the only family artist – with the males in my family. Christine sees my role in the scheme of things – and admires me! Vicki had a special bond with Vic, and they conspired to get Mark and I out of Vic’s mother’s will so they could invest in Christine’s art. Victor did not contribute to Rosamond’s biography, because he died six months after his daughter. He was only interested in getting his prints back from the family partnership that had a face value of $2,000,000 dollars.

Vic was now only interested in Consuela and her ten children. Vic had met her in Mexico where he went to launder money. He was making a killing as a Loan Shark, and was having trouble keeping the IRS from crawling up his ass. Victor had married her in the states after smuggling her across the border in a Marijuana shipment. The King had given up on his natal family his extremely disappointing and disloyal bloodline, and was going to leave it all to Consuela and her brood. He asked me to teach him how to play the guitar so he could sing to Consuela on the beach. He left them a fortune. When I asked Vic’s executor if she gave Consuela her prints, Vicki said this in a rage;

“Fuck those Mexicans. They will never see a dime of my art!”

Spooky Noodles just called me, and raged at me. He said I keep coming back to this Rosemont thing like a dog to his vomit. He reminds me of Alex Baldwin, he not letting me get a word in edgewise.

“You’re not doing enough for your people!” he screamed!

“Who are my people?” I asked.

“The white race!” he shouted. “THE WHITE RACE!” and I moved the phone away from my ear.

I told him about the Robert Mitchum movie I saw last night where he is a New York Artist that does this painting of Casandra, who Rosemary claims she played in the movie ‘Helen of Troy’. Vic reminded everyone of Robert Mitchum. In looking for the name of the movie I discovered Mitchum played Eliot in a series titled ‘Brotherhood of the Rose’ that aired in 1989. Consider Eliot Rosewater, and the twisted idea his sons wanted to kill him so they could get to Rosemary. I take my red yarn and stretch it across the massive collage I have out in my garage!

“Beautiful! What a find! This series is exploiting ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ before Brown even got a whiff of his stolen bouquet!

brotherrose rose-mont rosicruciandoor



When Jacci Belford called me she said she was glad Vic was not going to get his prints back. She used to be Christine’s best friend. She too does not contribute to the Rosamond Story. Why? Did Christine blame her for her business going belly-up?

“That’s what Christine and I had in common; we were both sexually abused by our fathers.”

Belford went on to say;

“Shannon will destroy the estate!”

Who do you think destroyed the Rosamond Estate? I have read many biographies about Artists. I know what is in them and how they are structured. No surviving member of my family, or the two managers – have a clue! When then did Sydney Morris “hire” Pierrot – after I let him know these people are inept, and bogged down in hidden agendas. Was Pierrot PAID with monies generated by the sale of Rosamond’s beautiful women? Why?

“Petitioner hired Stacey Pierrot,”

I told Morris, the fist thing that occurred to these people – hours after Christine was “killed” – was to cut the surviving family artist out of the deal, and keep him in the dark! How could doing this increase sales for the benefit of creditors and the two heirs? They come first! Morris had to know that the proceeds from the sale of the book and the movie, was not going to the Heirs, or Creditors, which in my un-legal opinion, betrays the idea of an Executor – for starters! I sent Morris many letters that let him know I had much to say! He was obligated to let me tell the Rosamond Story according to his Estate Plan! This blog is a damn burst of information and insights about my family. I have generated sales!

What is truly appalling, these Money People believed their Ghost Writer could perform some hocus-pocus that would fool Rosamond’s fans – and the real art world! What do they matter? This is what drives me insane, and not the truth I did not get anything. The truth about these arrogant non-artists needs to see the light of day! Why did they believe, that with the two artists out of the way, Fame and Money was there for the taking? But, this still doesn’t explain why so many people did not contribute to the book they hoped would make them rich – along with the movie based upon the book!

What, and why are these people hiding? Don’t they want Bragging Rights? Don’t they want to point out their testimony in the best selling book? How about nudge the person sitting next to them in the movie theatre?

“Here I come, bursting thru the door to protect Drew from taking another beating from her crazy-ass drunken mother!”

Here are ‘The Hiders’

Mark Presco, Vicki Presco, Stacey Pierrot, Jacci Belford, Rosemary Miles, Shamus Dundon. Person who invited Christine to Rocky Point.

And, there stand my daughter and her Stage Mother at the threshold of success;

“We want to be in the book and movie!”

When the book was a complete failure, Heather came crawling back to me. She was pregnant. I asked her if she read Snyder’s book.


I looked at her with disgust, and stopped myself from asking this question, because I was about to be a grandfather;

“Can you read?”

Heather and her Stage Mother will use the excuse I accused my family of possibly murdering Christine out at Rocky Point where there was a sober birthday taking place, a fact that was hidden from me, and almost from ‘The Reader’ but Pierrot made a slip. But, that was not the only thing they were hiding. Christine had much to reveal in her autobiography that was being written in order to cast blame on others. Blame for what?

Rosamond was making a break for it – hopefully with a big bag of money from the book and movie deal. Was her secret plan discovered at the party at Rocky Point, or, was it discovered before members of my family made hotel and flight reservations. I see them carefully packing their bags. A slender gloved hand checks the bullets in her snub-nosed Smith & Wesson.

Why didn’t ‘The Hiders’ publish Christine’s autobiography – after she was dead? Why didn’t they publish the second biography began by Faulkner, who claimed she interviewed Christine just before she died. Morris said Rosamond lived off family and friends. Why didn’t any of them file a claim? For one thing, if you file a claim, you would not realize any profits from the book and movie, just the sale of prints and lithographs – that were not selling. But, there is something, or someone ‘The Hiders’ have been hiding from long before Rosamond was “killed” by that rogue wave. What? Who?

“Although the book did not spur the hoped-for interest in Decedent’s life and work, efforts continued to market the concept of a screenplay based upon Decedent’s life.”

This is like a famous treasure story, where the rats can not stop themselves from coming out of the dark closet, and return to the death scene in order to get the cheese out of the trap – at a great rick to themselves! What is the nature of that risk? Throw in a world famous artist, and millions of dollars of artwork, and you could have Dan Brown’s next big blockbuster. I think I will send him this post.

I will be conducting more interviews with Marilyn who was deeply in love with me when the family photo of me was taken. She knows Christine was not an artist. She knows what hell I went thorough with my family – because I was an artist. My story is not about a famous artist. My story is about the brother of a famous artist, who locks me in a dark closet – with the help of her family – and throws away the key! Only when she sees the light, does she return to let me out, but, when our family gets wind of this……………….?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

In Mr. Sydney Morris’s Report of the Administration he says on page 4 line 10;

“Petitioner hired Stacey Pierrot, who had been assistant manager of the gallery during Decedent’s lifetime, to run the gallery and prepare and execute a marketing plan. The gallery was run by the estate until March 1996 when the gallery was sold to Ms. Pierrot through a contract approved by this Court. During the time that the estate operated the gallery, aggressive marketing efforts were made in an attempt to stir interest in Decedent’s work and increase the potential market for her work. In spite of these efforts, interest in Decedent’s work continued to wane.”

On page six, Mr. Morris explains why there was a delay in the closing of the estate;

“By September 2000, however, plans were underway for a biography of Decedent, which Petitioner hoped might create interest in her work. The book was published in 2002. Although the book did not spur the hoped-for interest in Decedent’s life and work, efforts continued to market the concept of a screenplay based upon Decedent’s life. Petitioner hoping that this might be brought to fruition, elected to keep the estate open. However, it is the Petitioner’s belief the likelihood of an increased interest in Decedents work is negligible, and the time has come to close the estate.”



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