The Dramatic Language of Flowers

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Prescos 1975 Greg, Christine, Shannon, Vicki & Rosemary


marilyn1414Many folks in Los Angeles know a Hollywood Actor, or someone who does. Turns out Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my kindred.

The actor, John Lupton, was Marilyn’s next door neighbor. We used to babysit his daughter. Marilyn’s brother, Stan, married John’s daughter.

My mother and my aunt Lillian dated Errol Flynn, and fought for years as to who he found the most fair.
My grandmother chased Errol out of the house with a broom when he and a friend showed up drunk and serenaded the Rosamond sisters. As a teen I wondered if I was Errol’s son, I not looking like my siblings. When my father began to tell the story I was not his son, then, a myth was born.

Captian Vic told his friends I was ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ because I wanted to stab him with a big knife when I was twelve. He forgave me because Rosemary put…

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