Victor and Rosemary

Victor and Rosemary


John Gregory Presco

‘Their Son’

Copyright 2015

The Failed Attempts


There have been several failed attempts to tell the story of my family. After two decades, I have decided to go to the source. There are two published biographies that I know of, and three unfinished biographies, including my own I have been working on, forever, titled ‘Capturing Beauty’.  Then come the two screenplays, one written by Carrie Fisher. All the author’s efforts have not been successful because no one can handle Vic and Rosemary. They are very toxic and destructive characters that defy literary attempts to describe them. When asked by the Military if Vicki Presco wanted her mother buried next to her father at the military cemetery in San Francisco, she said with much alarm;

“Oh no. They will fight! They must be separated, kept apart!”

How many movies have we seen, where the hero must grab a severed cable and join the arcing halves back together before the giant steel door can be shut to the underground vault where huddle the only worthy members of humanity, their genetic material selected to repopulate the planet after doomsday?  In 1986, my brother, Mark Presco, presented his plan for the coming doomsday. He suggested I build the Presco End Time Bunker in Oregon, where I had just moved. This story is apocalyptic in nature, because there is evidence Vic and Rosemary’s children did not survive their union. Then, here come their divorce.


Prescos 1944 Vic & Rosemary nee Rosamond 1Prescos 1944 Vic & Rosemary nee Rosamond 3Prescos 1944 Vic & Rosemary nee Rosamond 2



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