Tyler Hunt and Samuel Josefa De Mattos

This woman from FOE worked hard to get me to accept the blame. Why? I had been drummed out of FOE after the covert kangaroo court. Why was FOE still fucking with me? We talked about FOE’s non-profit tax status I tried to find out about. This woman was whittling me down. She wanted me to feel like a utterly powerless slimeball. She tried to play the Woman Victim card, but, I gave her proof I was the only victim.

Rosamond Press

Today my grandson, Tyler Hunt, turns seven years of age. Happy birthday grandson!

In June of 2010 I was offered an acre of land in South Carolina by a descendant of King David, Samuel Josefa de Mattos Jr. I had asked Samuel for permission to walk on his land he purchased at Plantation Point after reading my blogs about the “Jew’s land” that belonged to his ancestors who were Sephardic Jews who founded Reform Judaism in Charleston, then declared this was the New Promised Land, with no return to Zion. To learn that Reform Jews believed Berlin was the New Jerusalem, brings an end of my long journey because my kindred lived on Berlin Avenue where a famous Jewish cemetery is found.

It appears I have been raised as the Nehushtan that I believe came from India and China, and was the brass serpent that Moses raised high as he…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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