Blaming and Hurting the Poor

Rosamond Press

Christianity is on the eve of destruction. Paul Ryan staged a fake shot of himself doing dishes in a church kitchen that feeds the poor. This self-elected champion of Jesus pretends he cares for the poor, and loves America, but, this dog will not bite that hand that feeds it.

“U.S. Accuses Bank of America of a ‘Brazen’ Mortgage Fraud”

Thirty million evangelicals are using the Republican party to vote their faith, vote the food out of poor people’s mouths, because they blame 47% percent of the populace for keeping Jesus’ plan – made just for them – from working.

While mass right-wing mental illness poises to rule and ruin this nation, the Bankers are not challenged by Ryan and his minion who thirst for a scapegoat to shove off a cliff. If food stamps are taken from the hundgry they will commit crimes in order to survive. There are…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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