King Under Lonely Mountain

Two stars come together in heaven. I gather my army under Rose Mountain. ““As a token of her confidence, she told him he need no longer call
her, “Auntie.” The previous year, Bilbo had suggested that Frodo no
longer address him as, “Uncle,” if he wished. Plain, “Bilbo,” would
do. Frodo still called Bilbo, “Uncle,” now and then; it had become
too ingrained a habit. But, following suit, Rosamunda suggested Frodo
might call her, “Rosa,” or, “Rosamunda.” Frodo forgot, and called
her, “Auntie,” many times, but, within the space of an afternoon
tea, “Rosa,” she became.”

Rosamond Press



I saw the Hobbit and the Five Armies this evening, and it begins with the attack of a dragon. The story revolves around Thorin, the son of Thor. I was married to Mary Ann Tharaldsen, a descendant of Thor. Wensel Braskewitx ‘Son of Ambrose’ came from Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, where there is a ancient legend about the Sleeping Knights under White Mountain. There was a famous battle of White Mountain, and the King and Queen of Bohemia fled to Britain where they died. Tolkien was in love with the story of Albion and Rosamund.

Strider is a Ranger, or, Rover. I used to dress like him. My last post was prophetic, it posted several hours before I was the latest Tolkien story that continues after his death.

Jon Presco

The King under the Mountain, also called the King of Erebor, is the title of the Dwarven ruler who…

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