Gifted Children In My Family

This why I was afraid Belle Burch and friends were after my families history.

Rosamond Press

Stacey Pierrot who came to own my late sister’s art gallery in Carmel, employed another ghost writer to transfer the gifts my family were born with, over to her. She titles herself ‘Caretaker’ of our artistic and literary legacy. In an essay by Julie Lynch, she claims Christine’s talent was supressed at a very early age, because our mother only wanted me to become a world famous artist. Talk about a picky King Maker! What power she had for a woman with only a high school education. Wrong again, Rosemary went to college.

Lynch summons the grade teacher of school days past to give testimony at what a child genius Rosamond was. However, all my teachers were Christine’s teachers, as I was a year older, and thus they had to nearing ninety years old. How did Lynch find these relics? She didn’t! She lied!

Above are letters sent to my…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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