Preston God-Gene vs. Chinese Cyborgs

A few days ago I asked my readers to give me funds so I could got to South Carolina and take down that flag my illustrious ancestors fought under. No response. A brave young woman had the guts. After my famous sister died, I came to own most of America’s history when I looked at the genealogy of Drew Benton, my niece. People around me think my family history is their history, too. Only Belle knew the truth. This is why she tried to capture it. Smart girl.

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chinafatNow that Cyber Warfare has broken out between Red China and the Ne-Confederates of the Red States, its time to pick sides. Who’s side are you on? We Americans might be forced to go with the Blue-blood God-gene from Kentucky for the reason the study of ones family genealogy is the biggest hobby in the Land of the Free. Ancestor-worship has been abolished in China. Hurray for our side, because we got more folks looking in cyberspace for famous folks in our family tree then they do.

Let us hope the God-gene is for real, because they can put a million goose-stepping cyborgs in the field. But, we got character and charactors on our side, many of wearing the uniform of generals, such as General William Preston. China’s past only goes back a to the time Mao, whose grandson we see above looking alot like the Stay Puft Man from…

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