I Am Rightful Heir To Republican Party

On October 3, 2013 I declared myself the King of Oregon and Californinia. This is not evidence I need to be medicated. It is evidence I am very sane, because, I saw him coming, that neo-Confederate who killed nine innocent people. I saw the blog Roof read, and have been disputing their claims, to – MY FAMILY TRADITIONS AND HISTORY. Krysta would do well to allow me to drive Big Blue in the parade – dressed like the King of Oregon.


Our cousin, Jessie Benton Fremont, was even more than a Southern Belle. She came from a long line of aristocrats with all the cultural traits that comes with that title. From her mother’s side she learned elegance, sophistication. She was idealistic, with great passion and energy. Above all, she was… ambitious.
Her mother was spoiled rotten. Elizabeth McDowell was well bred, delicate with gentile manners. She summered at the White Sulphur Springs Resort and wintered in Richmond. Her relations were the governors, senators, and congressmen. As late as the 1880s the family still counted two senators and six congressmen. These were the uncles, cousins, and brothers. That does not include their other nobles.”
As we have seen, the McDowells were a powerful family in American history. Fortunately, there is a living McDowell genealogists who has published a massive masterpiece of research on the McDowell line. Her name is Dorothy Kelly MacDowell, and her 609 page book is titled McDowells in America, a Genealogy. It is almost impossible to read a single page without finding someone listed with a government title, from a lowly sheriff to US Senators and Congressmen. In between are the untold numbers of military officers from Lieutenants to Generals.

Rosamond Press

Mormonism is not a Christian religion, and has no reality in the teaching of Jesus who restored the Jubilee in order to free slaves.
My kindred, John and Jessie Fremont, would spit on Romeny if they were alive because he and his racist Tea Party Traitors have put Ameria in reverse, and their evil agenda knocks on the graves of the founding fathers of the Republican Party. I am the defender of my political family tradtions – and I don’t need a dime or a yacht to be so!

Get your fake Jesus, and your Cayman Ilsand Traitors, out of my families party, Mitt!

Jon Presco

I have long wondered if folks thought I was mad when I began to warn them the South is on the rise, and, I am heir to all that opposes, and opposed these traitors – born again! Like Jesus, I have been all alone…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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