King Kesey Lost Merlin

After reading my first e-mail, Belle asked me why I use the name AmbROSE I told her it was my pen name. She told me her boyfriend was named AmbROSE. When I googled AmbROSE and Belle Burch, I beheld the truth they had been arrested together. Three roses. I lost my famous friend Nancy when I sent her an e-mail informing her her friend Ken Kesey is washed-up……FINIS……and I was the heir to the Bohemian cause. “I am Merlin!” Merlin was beguilded by the beautiful young Vivian who begged this old Wizard to teach him all the magic he knew. After doing that, she turned on him, and froze him in Amber. Belle is my Vivian who I met in Ken Kesey Square.

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2-224B5DFF-1714127-800In 1999 I read that Ken Kesey was going to England in search of Merlin. I called my friend, Nancy Hamren, and asked her to talk her friend out of this debacle. I had met Ken on several occasions, and had been on ‘The Bus’ in the Eugene Celebration Parade. At the time I was studying King Arthur and the Holy Grail and chatting on yahoogroups that Dan Brown lurked in.

“There are a lot of people who take this serious, and will not be happy with Ken’s hit or miss tactics. If he wants to find Merlin, look no further, here I am, in his own backyard!”

That was the last time I spoke to Nancy, the first girl I ever kiss, because she was tops in King Kesey’s Court, and everything was set in stone, and, only Ken can withdraw Excalibur. Real hippies did not want leaders, or…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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