Forty-Seveners vs. Forty-Eighters

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Tom Cotton is like Jennifer Rubin’s adopted brother. She and Bill Kristol have been grooming Tom for several years to take the place of Joe Lieberman whose job was to make sure Israel always get’s it share of the Defense Tax Pie. If they have to cut out food stamps for poor black children to make sure Israel is plump with arms, and has our army at their disposal, then  Cotton and Rubin have done their job. They don’t work for America. They are liars!

Rubin said this about Cotton in 2012:

“Like his role models, Cotton has the potential to do big things in Congress at a time when bombast often substitutes for smarts and ego trumps common sense.  He also gives one hope that if America produces young men and women like him, the future is not entirely bleak.”

What this Jew is saying is our first black President…

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