Princess Diana and her Stewart Lineage

What I have discovered about the Rhys family will shed new light on these matters.

Rosamond Press

The most far-out reading on the web concerns the Stewart Lineage of Diana Spencer, whose sons are William and Harry Windsor. Some of it appears, sound. What is the truth? As ideas like the Rapture and Tribulation enter mainstream poltics with Rick Perry’s bid for the White House – anything goes! The un-raising the Debt Cieling pales in comparison to the return of Jesus who will somehow bring an end to most of the world – for our own good!

Jon Presco

“The current British royal family are imposters. The House of Windsor is a fraud. But the lineage of Lady Diana Spencer goes back to Charles II of the House of Stewart. The House of Stewart is of *true* royal blood. Diana’s sons, William and Harry, have 3-quarters true nobility in their blood.”

“Then, Prince Harry and the living Lady Diana would have moved to the U.S. Harry would…

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