The Chart of the True Brethren

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plymm2“At the very least, the two communities, evangelicals and Mormons, have been … each other’s worst enemies,” said Richard Mouw, the former president of Fuller Theological Seminary and a longtime proponent of evangelical-Mormon dialogue.”

The Mormons and Evangelicals have been bitter enemies due to the differing visions they own for America. But lately, they are chilling out with one another so they can take on their real enemy, Secular America, and Secular Government, that they both believe has to be relieved of power so Jesus can do his thing.

One thing that really interests the Mormons, that the Evangelicals could care less about, is Genealogies. However, that might change after I inform the LDS research center that I am close to a family who descends from members of the Plymouth Brethren, King Malcome, William Wallace and Robert Bruce!

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A religious cult has taken…

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