Gentrification of the Bohemian Creative Class

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scan0002This is the old hood in Roxbury where poor folks are combatting the money people who have taken over their traditional neighborhood. James Harkins found an apartment here and invited a bunch of hippies to come live with him and pay the rent. He exploited the Bohemian Hippie because he did not want to work and pay rent. He wanted to park his fat ass somewhere and whip out more Bad Art.

There is a group that insists there is too much art in the world, and is dedicated to blocking the flow. The Art Police went after my late brother-in-law for suing his friend Gordon Getty for painting over his mural. The Art Squad said this was a good start.

Michael Harkins should have sued his brother for exposing him to gobs of bad art. The second son surely suffered from hyperkulturemia after viewing countless art showings in theā€¦

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