Collecting Beauty

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“Since your visitations ended, I began to design a house for you to dwell in. It’s a hobby of mine to turn on the T.V. And work on floor plans. You have been placed in a home with only 670 square feet, to a castle with 6,000″

Is it possible, that Rena Easton, entertained the fear that I was designing a underground house, a bunker, to hold her captive in? Consider the movie ‘The Collector’. Oh my God! The beautiful ending to my book ‘Capturing Beauty’ is destroyed because Rena has seen the movie ‘The Silence of the Lamb’ ?  I thought she understood what a muse, was. Women associate fear with sex. Taking your date to a scary movie often ended in sex – after she screams her head off!

I’m going to send my theory to Sheriff Dan in Bozeman in order to clear my name, so, if I go to Bozeman, I won’t be captured, thrown in handcuffs, and put in a dank cell. Why would I want to go to Bozeman? Like a moth to a flame!

“You will need to find someone else for the job position as Resident Muse, but you can nominate me for the muse hall of fame.”

OMG! I bet Rena has many old flames that keep looking her up, and, they are held captive on her cattle ranch? I can find no divorce papers.

“It would be nice to hear from you. But, I must not embark on an affair of the heart. My husband would be very hurt. And angry!”

OMG! I am The Victim, her next – MOTH! What a great movie this would make, about two abused people who become serial killers and end up stalking one another. And, here is the victim artist, Sondra Locke in Sudden Impact, and the house on the beach with cypress tree. I still want to know the name of Christine’s patron who invited her out to Rocky Point where she was “killed” by a rogue wave. Did he collect her art?

“begins stalking pretty, young art student, Miranda Grey.”

The visitation I speak of began when I began my portrait of Rena, my Muse, and Christine’s! Muses are Spirit Guides who visit this one and then that one. I thought Rena knew what a Muse was. Is her muse a lover of horror movies? I think WE have a Muse and she drives an old white Ford truck. She wants a Happy Ending!

Rena,  you inspire me – no matter what! Can we start from the top. I want to do paintings from your photographs – the Rena Collection. We can sign a contract. We can do talks shows. Contact me!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

Frederick Clegg (Terence Stamp) is a lonely young man who collects butterflies. After winning a large sum of money in a football pool, he buys an isolated country house and begins stalking pretty, young art student, Miranda Grey (Samantha Eggar). One day after following her in his van, Frederick kidnaps and chloroforms Miranda. He loads her unconscious body into the back of the van and drives to his new house, locking Miranda in the windowless stone cellar that he has prepared with a bed, some furnishings, and an electric heater. When Miranda awakens, she angrily demands to be released, but Frederick serves her tea instead. He later goes into London where the headlines are about Miranda’s disappearance. When Frederick returns to Miranda, she says she is not rich and reasons he must only want her for sex. Frederick instead proclaims his love for Miranda and tells her how they are from the same area in Reading. After realizing she cannot escape and he will not let her go, Miranda fakes appendicitis as a ploy to escape, but is caught. After some haggling, Miranda “agrees” to stay for four weeks, but only if he gives her his word that he will let her go at the end of that time.

Miranda stays locked in the cellar, except for occasional baths in the main house. During one instance, a pushy neighbor (Maurice Dallimore) comes over during one of Miranda’s baths and she floods the bathroom and stairwell in an attempt to get his attention. Though the neighbor is curious, Frederick says that his girlfriend upstairs was too embarrassed to call for help. Later, as Frederick proudly shows her his massive butterfly collection, she is shocked by the living beauty he has destroyed, and realizes that he’s “collected” her. Four weeks go by, and on the night of her promised release, Frederick surprises Miranda with a formal dinner and champagne. He presents her with a wedding ring and asks her to marry him. When Miranda agrees, Frederick becomes suspicious of her motives because she knows full well they cannot get married without witnesses. As she tries to leave, he chloroforms her after a struggle and locks her in the basement again.


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The Muses /ˈmjzɨz/ (Ancient Greek: Μοῦσαι Mousai; perhaps from the o-grade of the Proto-Indo-European root *men- “think”)[1] in Greek mythology, poetry and literature, are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science, and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient culture, which was contained in poetic lyrics and myths.

The Muses, the personification of knowledge and the arts, especially literature, dance and music, are the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (who was memory personified).

The Muses were both the embodiments and sponsors of performed metrical speech: mousike (thus the English term “music”) was just “one of the arts of the Muses”. Others included Science, Geography, Mathematics, Philosophy, and especially Art, Drama, and inspiration. Some authors invoke Muses when writing poetry, hymns or epic history. The invocation typically occurs at or near the beginning, and calls for help or inspiration, or simply invites the Muse to sing through the author.


However, folks in Springfield (Springtucky) think I’m a lovable Redneck because I drive ‘The Truck’ a 1972 Ford four wheel drive with a great shell folks try to buy from me. It’s Oregon law that some guy with Grey hair has to drive ‘The Truck’. that I named ‘Big Blue’. In the bed I got a antique gas can, ice chest, a water cooler, and a real hemp rope. My grandfather, who I never met, was raised in Montana. He was a real cowboy.

Sometimes when I got ‘Big Blue’ out on the highway I make a left turn in my mind, and come to Nebraska to get you. And then we head to Alaska where we build our cabin. Have you ever wanted to build a house from scratch? Do you wear blue overalls?


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