“Can she be my muse, too?”

Ken Babbs sits under the oak tree with members of ‘The Chosen Family’. Ken is close this day with the Kesey Family. I have gone to poetry readings where Ken, and Kenny Reed, have been on stage. Reed is the husband of Marilyn Reed my first girlfriend.

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muse-poem 030

muse-poem 031

muse-poem 032“Can she be my muse, too?”

When I heard Izzy Whetstine ask this question after Nisha and I were done doing our multimedia presentation of Rena Easton’s poem, I winced. Rena is not going to know who that is. She will think he is a dirty old man. Well, Izzy is just that, but, he is also a well-known poet and performer, and a Merry Prankster. Izzy was also in the movie Animal House, he the guy who measures the dead horse.

So, in doing an inventory of things I might have done wrong in the eyes of the Perfect One, who spends eight hours a day in the tower of whirling dervishes reciting all of Rumi’s poem in order to achieve enlightenment, Izzy’s gravelly voice came up as a major suspect. In her mind, I have dragged the Pure One out of her tower and into the mean streets…

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