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In the photo of me above, I am being driven to a small town in Massetuchets to see if I can heal the infant cousin of my lover whom I talked about Meher Baba. I was twenty when I died – a virgin. I was living with the Loading Zone in the attic, my mattress lie under a stainglass window. Shannon’s father happened by, and the woman with him looked at me with her mouth agape.

“There is a gold aura around that man!” she exclaimed.

My friends and art patron would come visit me, and just lie next to me with his eyes close. Bob was behind the manufacturers of LSD and was the northern branch of ‘The Brotherhood of Eternal Love’. I was trying to figure out how I could get to India, when Christine Wandel came into my bed. She had to have me after she saw me rendering my angel on the beach. She told me everyone in the Victorian house was in awe of me.

“You would come down the dark hall and your eyes were glowing.”

We went south and tripped with the Brotherhood on a beach in LA. My brother-in-law was a member. He was a surfer who dealt LSD since 1965. His daughter, Shannon Rosamond, was attacked by Lawrence Chazen, a CEO of Nobel Oil that is connected with the oil spill. After my death, I opposed the use of LSD and set a new path.

It is time to tell you what I have done before I die,  again. Twelve years ago I put the Shekinah on Santa Cruz Island for safe keeping. I saw ISIS coming and warned my friends and subscribers to yahoogroups, that our spiritual vanity will reap the whirlwind.

To be become enlightened before you are legally a man, is the most difficult thing there is to do on this earth – according to the books on the Indian Religion. I could no longer hide in a monastery in India – or anywhere else. The odds of asking where she was, while looking into the waves at Venice pier – and she appear but ten minutes later – is out of this world! No math can calculate the chances – that are Biblical!

When you read Baba’s message, he says this is how he works. This Avatar connects people in a cosmic way. To be on a mountain top with a very beautiful seventeen year old, is hard enough. I am trying to enlighten her. I am giving her lessons that transcends the carnal. Some have titled me ‘The Reluctant Messiah’

When I called Rena from Peter Shapiro’s house to ask for a profile for the painting I was doing of her, she just came from outside;

“Greg! I was on this grassy hill watching the sunset, when suddenly a million birds took flight and circled around me. If you were here, I would giver you such a kiss. I love you more afar, then near!”

The circle of the Chosen Family has winged home to Sulphur Mountain. Peter Townsend and Melanie are Baba Lovers. I have traced the religion of Baba’s father to the Kurds. I designed a flag for the coalition Barack Obama formed to fight ISIS. I used Mount Sinai as s model. It looks like Mount Clarence King. Then I found the Rose Mountains.

Meher Mount was founded in 1946 three months before I was born. My grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, would come to Ojai to visit her beautiful sister, Eutrophia.

Come gather at Lonely Mountain – for real!

Jon Gregory Presco

Copyright 2015

Meher Mount consists of 170 acres of dense woodland and open fields on Sulphur Mountain in Ojai, California, about 80 miles north of Los Angeles. It is a place of great natural beauty and spiritual energy. At 2,600 feet above the Pacific Ocean, it enjoys a magnificent 360-degree view, including the nearby peak of Topa Topa, the Channel Islands, Los Padres National Forest, and the Ojai Valley.

“Ojai’s spiritual connections to its trees can also be found on a mountain 1,200 feet above the valley. Baba’s Tree overlooks the Pacific Ocean from the brow of Sulphur Mountain. The giant coast live oak was named for Avatar Meher Baba (1894-1969), an Indian spiritual master who maintained a vow of silence for more than 40 years, and was a partial influence behind The Who song ‘Baba O’Reilly.’

“During his visit to the tree in August 1956, it’s said that Baba ‘…went into the tent of leafy branches and sat down on a bed of dry leaves. He signaled that no one else should sit down. His eyes shone in the half-light, and he made a sign that he was happy.’

“Estimated to be as old as 300-500 years, the tree was badly burned in the Ferndale Fire in October of 1985. After the blaze blackened the mountaintop and everything on it (including Agnes Baron’s Meher Mount home, which burned to the ground), a small crew of firefighters stayed with the tree for four days, continually dousing it with water to make sure the fire was completely out.

“But despite their heroic efforts, it appeared that Baba’s Tree was lost. ‘A few weeks after the fire, there wasn’t a leaf on it,’ says Sam Ervin, Meher Mount board president. ‘It was totally black, and we thought, this tree is dead. We were pretty amazed at the way it came back.’

<img src=”” alt=”BABA’S TREE days after what Meher Mount calls the "New Life Fire" which occurred on  October 14, 1985. (Sam Ervin photo, 1985.)” />BABA'S TREE days after what Meher Mount calls the "New Life Fire" which occurred on  October 14, 1985. (Sam Ervin photo, 1985.)

BABA’S TREE days after what Meher Mount calls the “New Life Fire” which occurred on  October 14, 1985. (Sam Ervin photo, 1985.)

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