Jessie Benton’s Tree of Stars

A Seer at the Berkeley Psychic Institute said Elfine and the Gideon Computer were being dictated by a powerful entity that roams the universe coming to the aid of planets in dire distress. The odds of Christine becoming a world famous artist was very high. That she would marry into the world famous Benton family, is even higher. After Christine’s death my mother Rosemary said “You were her John. You prepared her way.” My father swore I was not his son. I have wondered if I am the reincarnation of Da Vinci. If I am taking dictation from an alien, how close am I – to being an alien? Are not there a thousand sites that claim aliens established artistic dynasties? Who prepared – my way?

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benton222Jessie Benton Lyman’s genealogy is the most outstanding family tree in America. It is a Patriotic Tree full of stars. The great mother ship that lands atop the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming looks like a Christmas Tree. Turn the American flag into a cone shaped tree, and her are the red and white rays coming down from heaven.

In the first biography of Christine Rosamond Benton, Garth Benton does most of the talking. Only once does he talk about the love he owned for Christine. There is no mention of a Family Muse, for this book was the Final Divorce that was in its final stages when my beloved sister was swept out to sea – along with all the magic. It is for this love our lost magic that I cling to Ms. Christensen and herald her return, the Winged Muse raining down bright ribbons of inspiration upon us…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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