Art Under Terrorist Attack

Rosamond Press


Garth Benton’s mural at the Getty Villa.


For the first time, Museum Goers, have come under Terrorist attack.

It is not a coincidence that Jirayr Zorthian was influenced by my kindred, Thomas Hart Benton, the cousin of my late brother-in-law, the muralist Garth Benton. Christine, Keith, Barry and Seyburn, and I lived together in a SF commune with Nancy Hamren. Add to this the art collection of my late kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Tayor, and you have what constitutes a liberal, and for the most part, a secular art dynasty.

For over twenty years I have given proof the religious-right is waging cultural warfare against artists and bohemians. They have now been joined by Israel and ISIS. The Tunisian museum looks like the Getty Villa where Garth rendered murals.

Jon Presco


This morning, I discovered Michael Jackson was an artist. I had read that his close friend, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor…

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