The Sea Wolf

My cousin Dayrl Bulkley does not want this history in the public eye and thus she is trying to censor me on her FB.

Rosamond Press

I believe Victor lied to me about what London book he chose after his daughter offered him his choice of many first editions as gratitude for the the home loan that saved her abode. Captain Vic would show mercy to some of his victims. I believe my father chose Jack’s ‘The Sea Wolf’ for it is his life’s script that he didn’t want anyone close to him to see lest they keep their distance. Of course at the bar, it was a different story, thus the father of the four Presco Children spent all his free time there, acting the part of the Big Cheese to any Bar Fly he could bribe with a drinkee-poo.

In sharing our deepest dark tales of woe, Vicki told me how Vic would take her to Oscar’s Bar & Grill on Lakeshore, prop his six year old daughter up at the bar with a…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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