The Beautiful Birch Tree

Herr Glukenberger a.k.a. ‘Spooky Noodles’ began to download Robert Grave’s the White Goddess two days after I met him at the Café Roma on 13th. We met in 1997. On many occasions I tried to shake him, to no avail. When I met with Belle Burch (Beautiful Burch) I showed her ‘The White Goddess’. I told her I would make her my disciple in the greatest poetic drams and mystery – off all time! That she tried to steal my knowledge and give it to her young lover, is the stuff the very best fairytales are made of. There are doors that once entered, there is no escape until one finds – the Grail! I found – a Grail. The Crone. The Child. The Fair Maiden, will meet under the birch tree. “The first tree of the series is the self-propagating birch. Birch twigs are used throughout Europe in the beating of hounds and the flogging of delinquents–and formerly lunatics–with the object of expelling evil spirits. When Gwion writes in the Cad Goddeu that the birch ‘armed himself but late’ he means that birch twigs do not toughen until late in the year. (He makes the same remark about the willow and the rowan whose twigs were similarly put to ceremonial use.) Birch rods are also used in rustic ritual for driving out the spirit of the old year.”

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Heart of Summer

When we met at the Wandering Goat, I told Belle she was going to be like ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. I am Merlin to Belle’s Vivian. She smiled when I told her there will be Celtic lessons. When I saw Belle’s hands with a message written on them, I saw her lesson on the Beth-Louis-Nion Alphabet had already begun. I couldn’t wait till Belle came over to model so I could show he Robert Graves’s book ‘The White Goddess’.

“There will be signs.”

On the way to the church to film Marilyn’s Gospel Choir. I got lost. An old lady bent over with a cane asked me if I was going to hear the choir. How did she know? I video taped her and learned she was the founder of the Grassroots Gardening program. I was amazed, because I knew Belle was very involved in gardening, growing food for poor people…

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