‘The Larmenius Charter’ and Virginia Hambley

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crescent-Marc_de_Beauveau-Craon_(Nancy)I talked to my fiancé two days ago about my discovery that her kindred were Grand Masters of Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem and were involved in the document ‘The Larmenius Charter or Carta Transmissionis’ which some claim is a forgery. The Sinclair clan makes such a claim and asks you to look to their folks for the un-broken chain of Templar Grand Masters. Louis-Hercule Timoleon, Duc de Cosse Brissac is listed as a Grand Master with four GM of the House of Bourbon before him. Pierre de Cossé Brissac, Duke of Brissac, is listed as a GM of the Order of Lazarus that was susposed to be of the House of Bourbon, only. What is going on? That the two lists of these chivalrous orders is almost identical suggests the
‘The Larmenius Charter’ may not be a forgery, or, is based upon the Lazarus list…

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