House of Bourbon In Pan’s Labyrinth

Darby’s Daemons have tolled out their woman-hating candidates for the Prudish President of the United States of America. America needs a French Monarchy ruling California, if only to insult the Hee-Haw Red State Bubbas that bow down to a statue of Bob Jones before they hit the campaign trail with their fake ‘Family Values’ platform.

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hammmbVirginia looks like Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth which is about the restoration of the House of Bourbon. Virginia’s ancestor, Louis-Auguste-Victor, Count de Ghaisnes de Bourmont, was engaged in the resotaration Bourbon monarchy, from the day of its fall. Louis kept the rose alive. The facist dictator, Franco, did not want to restore Juan Borbon to the throne because of connections to Freemasonry. That Victor de Bourmont became a Vichy puppet of the Nazis, and was tried for war crimes, is right out of the Labyrinth script.

The huge question to ask is who were the backers of Lousi de Bourmont in his almost single-handed attempt to restore the House of Borubons to several thrones? Is Louis of Bourbon blood? If so, is Virginia Hambley “of the blood” and in line for a throne? Is She the neglected Rose at the center of Pan’s Labyrinth that a possible descendant of the…

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