Living Museum of the Holy Democratic Grail

Years ago I promised my grandson, Tyler Hunt, a Grail. After posting on the Grail of Galitia, I realized it was my grandson’s birthday.

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mill2lyton55Mill 032

Mill 055

Mill 062

Mill 064





mill3I have long been envious of Templar scholars who travel, they given the money to do so by publishers and folks who support their cause, which in some cases is to find proof Jesus founded a lineage of divine royals who have blessed western man with many attributes, but, not with the Gift of Democracy.

When you are a British subject, ones history if full of royal history and their reign over commoners. thus, any theory that these royals were bid to do the will of Jesus in any manner, falls short of claiming Jesus and God wanted us to be ruled in a Democratic manner. Having pointed this out to several Templar groups I belonged to, I found myself ousted, set out in the gutter because I refused to straddle the fence and pretend I am a wanna-be royalist member of the British empire. Being an American citizen of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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