Put Religious Freedom Hoax to a Vote

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We The People should VOTE on whether WE want the Freedom of Religion Bills passed in our State, or, existing Bills – repealed. The Christian-right claims Jesus founded OUR Democracy. Prove it. Put it to a vote!

In the photo above we see men who head anti-gay groups standing behind Governor Pence while he signs his fake freedom legislation that is bipartisan, and aimed at garnishing votes for Republican candidates in 2016.

One self-elected Man of Jesus says this is “spiritual warfare” against state officials. He speaks the truth, because I am a Republican and I demand these fakes for Jesus – leave MY party founded by my kindred, John and Jessie Fremont!

Get out! Or I will come with a bullwhip – and drive you out!

Jon Presco

“Wildmon agreed, adding that the Indiana law is necessary to protect anti-gay business owners from “persecution.” The law’s critics, Wildmon claimed, are waging “spiritual warfare” against state officials.

“The American Family Association of Indiana is the state’s premiere decency organization. We believe in personal and civic responsibility, which requires society to protect children and families from destructive messages and harmful behaviors. AFA-IN has been a voice for Hoosier families and a defender of the values and institutions that sustain them since 1993. AFA-IN is often heard defending your values in various media outlets and in the halls of government.

Micah Clark of the American Family Association’s Indiana chapter, who stood right behind Pence, along with several other Religious Right leaders, when he signed the bill into law and has quite a record of anti-gay activism, said today that he opposes any such clarification.

He told AFA President Tim Wildmon today that conservatives should call Pence and other state officials and demand that they oppose any effort to clarify that the law does not legalize discrimination: “That could totally destroy this bill.” (In Georgia, supporters of a similar bill also opposed a push to ensure that the legislation will not permit discrimination in business.)

Wildmon agreed, adding that the Indiana law is necessary to protect anti-gay business owners from “persecution.” The law’s critics, Wildmon claimed, are waging “spiritual warfare” against state officials.

Here’s a photo originally posted proudly by Micah Clark, showing Clark and several other anti-gay activists standing with Pence when he signed the RFRA, with annotations added by GLAAD to make it very clear that Pence is simply lying about its intent.
Read more at http://littlegreenfootballs.com/category/Politics#ZPcLAhphKfQztOWP.99

AFA of Indiana is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational organization designated as a 501 (c) 3 tax-deductible entity by the IRS. Although governed by a separate and local Board of Directors and funded by the individual donations of Hoosiers across Indiana, we are the state affiliate of the national AFA based in Tupelo, MS.

So why does Arkansas need such a law? Here’s what the bill’s defenders said when it was introduced a few months ago.

When Ballinger asked the state’s House Judiciary Committee to clear the bill on February 10, he explained:

If it’s a butcher who is a Muslim and doesn’t deal in pork, you can’t make him deal in pork … If it’s a Christian who is against same-sex marriage, you can’t make him perform a same-sex marriage.

At the same time, the Arkansas legislature was considering Senate Bill 202, which prevented cities and counties in the state from passing their own anti-LGBT discrimination ordinances (it became law last month). Republican state Senator Bart Hester, who co-sponsored both bills, told BuzzFeed business owners should be allowed to fire people for being gay, and said he found efforts by officials in Fayetteville to expand local LGBT protections “infuriating.” “There are many things necessary for stability — and civil rights need to not be a volatile situation,” Hester said. “It’s got to be something we agree on for the entire state.” Hester acknowledged gay and transgender people can face discrimination, but said, “we are all singled out for discrimination.” He explained:

I am singled out as a politician. I am singled out because I am married to one woman. I want everyone in the LGBT community to have the same rights I do. I do not want them to have special rights that I do not have.

Before votes in favor of both bills on February 13, Representative Mary Bentley argued before the House the issue was about “little businesses out there, a baker or a pastor … that hold a conviction that says gay marriage is wrong.” She continued:

A baker who loves the word of God … should not have his or her business destroyed if someone who is transgender is trying to marry somebody else … I am a Christian in the United States of America, … It’s time to stand up and say enough is enough. They can do what they want to do, but we don’t have to destroy a business. I think it’s time that business owners have rights as well.

 During the same session, Ballinger confirmed that the religious freedom law would apply to business owners who refuse to serve LGBT individuals, though he said he doesn’t see that as a civil rights violation. Per the Arkansas News:

Ballinger said after the vote that HB 1228 would apply in the case of a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay or transgender person, although he said that “it doesn’t mean you automatically win.”

Ballinger also said he believes that gay rights and civil rights for blacks are different issues because people are born into their race but sexual orientation is “a choice.”

Arkansas has “virtually no laws that grant special protections for gays and lesbians,” according to the Wall Street Journal, and Ballinger said this week that the debate on making homosexuals a protected class under state civil rights “needs to happen.” However, on Monday when a House Democrat asked Ballinger to put language in the bill that said it had no discriminatory intent, he refused. “You can discriminate when you select a hamburger instead of a pizza,” he said.

What Others Are Saying About AFA of Indiana

“It is truly a privilege working with the American Family Association. I have cherished my relationship with them for many years and I consider them to be a true leader in family values. The organization is comprised of level-headed and diligent members, and I could not agree more with their message. It is my hope that more organizations will follow their lead and make family and faith a priority. It is easy to lose focus of the important things in life, and we’re all lucky to be affiliated with such an outstanding organization.”
– State Representative Woody Burton

“Now is the time to support the American Family Association of Indiana. I have known and worked with Micah Clark for over a decade, and I can tell you that you’re standing behind a pro-family, pro-life leader who is very effective in any political climate regardless of who is in power in Washington or Indianapolis.”
– Indiana Congressman Mike Pence

“Micah Clark is not only a dear friend, but also a much needed voice for cultural conservatism in the State of Indiana. Under his leadership, AFA has made the pro-family movement in Indiana stronger.”
– State Senator Mike Delph

“Not only is Micah Clark one of the most effective voices for our Christian/Conservative values in Indiana but he also has a marvelous kind way doing it. This is crucial or we will be deemed zealots and extremists by the liberals. Micah’s generosity of spirit precludes that and makes our message palatable. In truth, it is this manner that likely wins us more converts than anything else.”
Keep up the Great Work with AFA of Indiana!”
– Gary A. Hofmeister, business & political leader, former congressional candidate

“We at ADF greatly appreciate all you do at AFA of Indiana in support of marriage. You are playing a crucial role in moving an Indiana marriage amendment back into play.”
– Glen Lavy, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel, Alliance Defense Fund

“I’ve worked with Micah Clark over the years, and have come to value his faithful service to the Pro Family community here in Indiana. Micah’s tireless efforts and servant heart is what allows the Indiana American Family Association to be a force for good in our state. Thanks for all that you do, and for the work of AFA of Indiana.”
David Lantz, Indiana Christian Coalition State Director, 1992 – 1995

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