America – The Beautiful and the Lonely

When I went to visit my muse in Nebraska she took me to a museum. When the Bardo museum reopened, the Muses of Freedom came down a grand staircase and danced for all of us. Rena is a dancer. We return to the Museum.

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Rosamonds 1933 FrankAt around 2:30 A.M. on Janurary 15, 2014, alas I found another of Royal Rosamond’s lost books on the internet. Thanks to my Muse, I own the family secret that devastated the lives of innocent children, and caused my grandfather to die utterly alone, and then buried in a unmarked grave in Oklahoma City.

Royal Reuben Rosamond, was not just any Redneck, Cowboy, Farmer. At the suggestion of Fanny Y. Cory and her brother – two of Montana’s most famous artists – Royal took up writing and would have his stories published in Out West magazine alongside, Jack London, George Serling, Joaquin Miller, and Robert Lewis Stevenson. Royal self-published several books on the folk people of the Ozarks known as Hillbillies. Royal worked hard alongside “his People” until he ran away from home at eighteen years of age. Royal worked his way West in hope his father would accept him…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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