The New Promised Land

You may never recieve a more inporant e-mail, or letter, then this one. This is
historic and Biblical. Two hours a gentleman called me from South Carilona. He
was looking at the genealogy of his ancient family on my Rougeknight blog. He
told me I am a real scholar, that appears to know more about his family then he
does. His name is Samuel de Mattos. He descends from Sephardic Jews who are kin
to King David. His ancestor, Francis Salvadore found in the Revolutionary War,
and founded Reform Judaism where the return to Zion is abandoned. Francis
declared South Carolina the “land of milk and honey” that God has led His Chosen
People to. His kin taught Vincent Van Gough.

Rosamond Press

In 1987 while attending the New Hope program at Serenity Lane, I decided it was time to RECOVER my name, the one my mother gave me at birth, that she refused to use when a nurse put an H in JON when she fill out my birth certificate. Rosemary was furious, and called me by my middle name, Gregory, that got shortened to Greg. I told my new brothers and sister in sobriety;

“My two alcoholic parents fought all the time – over everything – including my name. My father would call me John just to irk my mother.”

A year later I read all of Luke one night, and was in the light. I merged from my trailer parked by the McKenzie River to behold stars and a crescent moon gathered in a pine tree. A year later, my landlady did my astrology. Her five hour recording begins, thus;

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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