Jews Land and House of Orange

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Yesterday I noticed that the Mendes da Costa family are kin to the de Rover (Roover) family who married into the Rosemont family, and were members of the Swan Brethren of which William of Orange belonged. William was made a loan by the famous banking family of Suossa in order to launch his invasion of England in what is called ‘The Glorious Revolution’ that evangelicals claim has come to America, and one day will establish a theocratic state vs. a democracy.

For months I have been asking folks; “Did Jesus establish a democracy?” I got no answer! It looks like Jesus’ kindred helped found – THIS DEMOCRACY – along with my kinfolk! Evangelicals want it both ways! They want to rule a earthly and heavenly kingdom, but, can’t produce Divine Permission – or a Deed of Trust – like I can! One need only look at County Records to see…

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