D-Day at the Tomb

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tomm2Let us begin the end of the world as we know it at the tomb of Jesus where I with glee destroy the core tenet of Christianity – the Resurrection!

Pilate agreed to put his seal on Jesus’ tomb in order to thwart any trickery by the disciples of Jesus in regards to the pending Resurrection. Pontius Pilate was an extremely intelligent man, he a master auger. Augers were consulted when temples and other important Roman building were built in order t make sure the auspices was correct. Therefor, Pilate would quickly surmise he is being used to prove the resurrection is real, and does not fall for the trap later authors of Christian text have set in order spread a lie.

A group of liberal Pharisee believed in the Resuscitation of the dead, where good men who die are allowed by the Jewish God to enter the body of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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