Mark Presco On Human Parasites

Julie Lynch says Rosemary only wanted me to be a artist, and thus Christine was forced to draw in the closet. This is the most astounding lie ever told in the Art World. One thing, it makes no sense. Two, Rosemary had nothing to do with me being an artist. She was did however claimed I got all my talent from her, and when Christne took up art in 1972, and became famous, she claimed she got all her talent from her mother. The truth is, she thought she owned all four of her children. The day after Christine drowned, she blessed the take-over of the artistic legacy I founded, by her son and daughter, Vicki and Mark Presco, who have no talent and hate art and artists. This is equal to what befell Margaret Keane. My sibling hated Christine and my gifts, and our sobriety. Vicki showed her mother they terrible things Christine said about her in her autobiography. With her un-gifted siblings, she conspired to bury Rosamond’s story, and then mine. Mark was he favorite. They had a incestuous relationship.

Rosamond Press

“The battle of the Sexes is a unilateral War. All Men want to do is make love. It’s Women who want to make a fight out of it, or charge a fortune for it.

What my brother is saying in above declaration, is, America Men must erect a billion dollar skyscraper in order for their All American Penis to function properly, while American Women need next to nothing to have their sex work for them.

In our teens, my brother and I would have fist-fights after he called me a PARASITE on the family and society. He blessed the day I was born, because he could stand on my sholders and be that much closer to God and Country. My brother is the heart and soul of the new radical Repulican Party, who climb on the sholders of the poor, the hungry, the affirmed, the disinfranchised in order to be…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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