Criminal Family Loyalty Checks

This is a photo of Vicki and her friend, Karen Snyder, who drank herself to death. So did Vicki’s good friend, Pip. This is why I an my sister did not want Flip and Linda Comstock throwing a booze bash at Vicki’s house. Of course they took it personally, as did Heather, who took her revenge by taking my grandson from me.

Rosamond Press

Vicki 1960 Santa Claus

Prescos 1952 Vic, Christine, Melba & RosemaryIn 1994, just months before he died, my father was convicted of Loan Sharking. My cousin, Bill Broderick, gave Vic legal advice, and then he was disbarred after he lost the home of his client. Bill and aunt Lillian heard Vic’s claim I was not his son. Vic anointed Vicki as his only loyal child even though she was disloyal to him all the time. Why is that?

When I was seven and twelve, my mother highly suggested Vic had gotten to Vicki, had incested her, and it is the job of her brothers to protect our younger sister. A year ago Vicki told me Christine suspected all fathers incested their daughters and was accusing Garth of sexually violating Drew. There was a terrible divorce and custody battle over Drew. Vic suggested Vicki had taken Garth’s side. Vicki told me that Shannon should have known better than to drink with…

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