A Spiritual Awakening

Bill Wilson believed LSD had helped him overcome depression and that it could also give alcoholics insight to aid their recovery. Most members of Alcoholics Anonymous disagreed. Photograph: Alamy

The co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) believed LSD could be used to cure alcoholics and credited the drug with helping his own recovery from often debilitating depression, according to new research.

About 20 years after setting up the Ohio-based sobriety movement in 1935, Bill Wilson came to believe that LSD could help “cynical alcoholics” achieve a “spiritual awakening” and start on the path to recovery.

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Impact #1 - Marin Headlands, Marin County, California

Greg 1975 Christine

Members of the Brotherhood of Brotherly Love came to see me to days after my fall and death at MacLure’s Beach in 1967. One of them, became my art patron. He manufactured LSD with Stanley Augustus Owsley, and Tim Scully who I met and was hooked up to his bio-feedback machine. I announced at this meeting I won what there was to be won in the mind-games people were playing with LSD, and I was taking the game from them.
In the coming years I spoke out against the use of LSD, and all drugs. However, when I got sober, I wondered if LSD could be used to induce a spiritual awakening in alcoholics. In the passing of the law concerning Hobby Lobby, and in light of Thomas Pynchon’s movie ‘Inherit Vice’ I reveal to my reader that the cofounder of Alcoholic’s Anonymous was given LSD to save his life.

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