“Why did you take my wife?”

One reviewer claims Pynchon’s movie ‘Inherent Vice’ was like an LSD trip he could watch over an over again. Because LSD was used by Keny Kesey to bring a new awareness to un-famous nobodies, and not fellow hip/beat writers like himself and Jules Siegel, then, the world of literature, and Hollywood, must take another journey, a trip, back in time, or, wherever those visions took us, those who partook. I know my ex-wife, who was married to Pynchon, tripped on LSD.

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Jules Siegel 2

Jules Siegel entertains a theory about “The urge to confess” which is the core of my unfinished novel ‘The Gideon Computer’. He suggests Timothy Leary might have been CIA.

The last Hippie is captured when upon beholding the Gideon Computer by his bed in his favorite flop-house hotel – instead of the Gideon Bible – he could not resist the come-on he read;

“Talk to me Pilgrim.”

Come dawn, after he has written ‘The Gideon Computer’ he is arrested after confessing he killed a man in Utah that had given him a ride while hitchhiking.

As I write, it occurs to me I might have sublimaly borrowed Vonnegut’s Billy Pilgrim. My hero’s name is Berkeley Bill Bolagard.

Jules Siegel wrote “Who is Thomas Pynchon . . . and why did he take off with my Wife?” for Playboy. (March 1977) Jules says his wife did not take off, this title…

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