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It is my hope that Royal Rosamond Press will be seen as the New Western Oracle that will embrace, and bring into the present, the ideas of these literary and creative pioneers that gave birth to a vibrant culture when it was an infant crying in the wilderness.

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califhis10Jessie_Benton_Fremont_later_yearsJessie Benton was the living Muse of California who was tirelessly promoted by Charles Lummis who is seen in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles with Elizabeth Fremont, Jessie’s daughter. Jessie wrote short stories for Lummis’s Out West magazine, as did my grandfather, Royal Rosamond. Both authors promoted the Golden State that John Fremont secured for the United States. One historian titles Jessie ‘Mother of the Race of Southern California’.

My mother, Rosemary Rosamond, was the epitome for the Race of Lost Angels, East Coast Muses who got lost out West. Royal taught Erl Stanley Gardener how to type and write in the living room of the Rosamond home in Ventura by the Sea. I am an author who writes about his Muse who inspired Christine Rosamond Benton to take up art. The two fictitious biographies (and two movie scripts) written about my famous sister, are…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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