Blount Has a Super Bowl Ring

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After Butler intercepted the ball on the one yard line, there was LaGarette embracing his teammate who was in The Zone, a place that has been described as a ordained spiritual experience.  Blount is a good man. The struggle Blount went through for that ring, is epic.

LeGarrette Blount was my neighbor.  Around six years  ago I bought a queen size
mattress down the street, and hoisted it from atop my car onto my back. I then
struggled to keep it balanced. I was stooped over like Atlas. I am sixty two
years of age and live alone. I have no family in Oregon. There was no nephew I
could call for help.

As I made my way to the stairs (I live on the second floor) I heard the voice of
a young man. He offered to help me with my burden. I looked up and saw
LaGarrette smiling at me. I did not recognize him at first. He had seen me out
his third floor window and came down to help. I would later wonder if he admired
my tenaciousness to get the job done.

After we got the mattress in my abode, that’s when I recognized him.

“You play for the Ducks. What’s your name!” I asked.

“LeGarrette. LeGarrette Blount” he answered. This was a soft-spoken man.

We talked about his famous touchdown where he leaped over a player who was sure
he had put the stop on LaGarrette. He made the defender look – foolish. I’m sure
all those defenders who would face Lagarrette on the field of play, wondered if
this great runner would make them look foolish.

LeGarrette told me he wished he had photographs of that touchdown, and right
there and then I decided that is how I will pay him back for helping me. I got
on google and google the man who is the most googled person in the world. I went
to the Oregon Duck website, and read that LeGarrette was on suspension. The
reason why was not given. I wondered there and then if he had an attitude, or,
someone thought he did, and was mistaken. I made it my mission to call folks at
the athletic department and let them know that LaGarrette helped me, a Senior
Citizen. I disguised my real concern as a search for those photographs. I wanted
to make sure the people I talked to knew there was another side of LaGarrette,
but, they already knew that side. One young women said; “How nice of
LeGarrette.” I had a sense she had met him, and liked him. When the coach
appeared on T.V, with coach Belotti, he held back his tears when he said “I love

I could not wait till the Duck Football season began, and a great story unfold,
for there are about five players for the Ducks living in my apartment complex. I
would have more then a front row seat in Duck stadium. I would be rooting for my

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    Lagarrette Blount is the great-nephew of Sun Ra. “Sun Ra (born Herman Poole Blount, legal name Le Sony’r Ra;[1] May 22, 1914 – May 30, 1993) was an American jazzcomposer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, poet and philosopher known for his experimental music, “cosmic philosophy,” prolific output, and theatrical performances. He was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame in 1979. For much of his career, Ra led “The Arkestra”, an ensemble with an ever-changing name and flexible line-up.
    Born and raised in Alabama, Blount would eventually become involved in the 1940s Chicago jazz scene. He soon abandoned his birth name, taking the name Sun Ra (after Ra, the Egyptian God of the Sun) and developing a complex persona and mythology that would make him a pioneer of Afrofuturism: he claimed he was an alien from Saturn on a mission to preach peace, and throughout his life he consistently denied any ties to his prior identity.[2] His widely eclectic and exploratory music would eventually touch on virtually the entire history of jazz, ranging from swing music and bebopto free jazz and fusion, and his compositions ranged from keyboard solos to big bands of over 30 musicians. From the mid-1950s until his death, Ra led the musical collective The Arkestra (which featured artists such as Marshal Allen, John Gilmore, June Tyson throughout its various iterations). Its performances often included dancers and musicians dressed in elaborate, futuristic costumes inspired by ancient Egyptian attire and the space age.

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