Lucien Guirand de Scevola



Head of a Lady in Medieval Costume

Lucien Guirand de Scevola borders on being a great artist. He is a popular artist who aims to please. What might be great about his art, is his nudes. He has a very feminine muse that allows him to capture mythical and historic women reminiscent of the Pre-Raphaelites. When it comes to his erotic pieces, we enter a male dominated studio that the world is allowed to get a glimpse of.  Lucien is doing Playboy magazine at its best. He worships women from a male point of view, and thus, one can make love to these women.

Jon Presco

Scevola scevola2 scevola3 scevola4 scevola5 scevola7 Scevola-la_princesse

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