These Are Mine

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Above are photos of me with my daughter, Heather Hanson, and my grandson, Tyler Hunt. Below is the offspring of Holly Hunt by various husbands, none that are in the picture. The only visible father, is Ryan Hunt, who did not want to be a father when Heather got pregnant, and wanted her to get a abortion. He was angry that his mother made him raise her younger children by different fathers, thus, he did not have a childhood. Ryan refused to marry my daughter, and went on to sire two more sons by Jessica Hallock, who insisted Ryan marry her. He refused. My grandson has two half brothers. Holly expressed a desire for a girl, but, does not specify who the mother will be. But, her little breeder is raring to go!

I asked my daughter what she saw in Ryan, I pointing out he is not very sociable, nor does he have a wonderful personality. Heather told me it was his family, it just like her mother’s family, it full of children by different fathers, and, there is only one marriage certificate!  I don’t know how many Holly got, but Ryan’s father refuses to have anything to do with his son. Heather wanted to be a part of this family, because this is what she is used to. She felt comfortable! After all, she is a Love Child. Like her mother, Patrice Hanson, Holly is a hippie-like Love Momma, a Love Goddess, if you will. Those are all her sons, and grandsons, lined up against the fence. No daughters-in-laws.

I proposed to Patrice when Heather came into my life at sixteen. I wanted Heather to get married and be a part of a nuclear family that incudes a husband and father. As it is, she ranks behind her mother and Holly, her Mother Superiors. I feel for Jessica, who has considered not letting Tyler see his half-brothers. I do not think she has a relationship with her father.

So, this is your extended Love Family! No need to make a genealogy for these folks, because, they’re in…..The Love Tree!

Here is a video of the Sisters of Saint Francis.


Jon Presco


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