Wolves Amongst Sheep?

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“Organizers plan to address the problem and try to get rid of some of the scammy accounts.”

SLEEPS is described as a offshoot of OCCUPY. Does this newcomer have the same set-up for receiving donations that OCCUPY has/had, and if not, why not? I demand to know what their system is. I demand the Mayor of Eugene and Springfield launch an investigation to make sure monies are going for the benefit of the homeless.

On the morning I was to meet Belle Burch at the Wandering Goat, I put together this blog so I could show Belle what I am about, on my laptop.


I got no response! I was puzzled. I thought she was going to say she knew the woman wearing a bonnet and hemp outfit, but, she stopped herself. Belle did not say;

“Oh! You’re involved in OCCUPY too?”

Above are my OCCUPY posters I got…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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